Type less, write more with TEXT REPLACEMENT

Typing on an iPhone can be a pain – and fat fingers and poor eyesight don’t make it any easier.  In this article we introduce Text Replacement.

To learn more about text replacement, watch our Workflow and Style video on YouTube below.

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Text Replacement

If you are an active communicator, there’s a high probably that you frequently use the same words in most of your texts and emails. And so, I am going to introduce you to a simple iPad/iPhone technique that will convert a few characters into one of your commonly used words, sentences, or extended passages. This feature is called text replacement.

For example, let’s say you like to end your emails with Have a nice day.
Using text replacement on your iPad/iPhone, you first create a unique text shortcut, such as hh. Then, whenever you type hh, your iPad/iPhone will convert this text shortcut into Have a nice day.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Open your iPad/iPhone, locate the SETTINGS icon
  3. You will see a list of available text replacement items
  4. To add a new text replacement item, tap the plus sign (+) at the top
  5. You can now enter a phrase and its shortcut
  6. For our example, type your phrase Have a nice day
  7. Then, enter your shortcut hh, then tap SAVE at the top
  8. You should see your new entry in the text replacement list.

That’s it. Return to the home screen and you’re ready to begin using this technique whenever you type.  The next time you type hh, watch it explode into Have a nice day.