Locate your dog with the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

To learn more about the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker, watch our Workflow and Style video on YouTube below.

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All of us have seen the heartbreaking  LOST DOG signs on telephone poles. Despite your confidence that your dog would never run away, the irresistible attraction of a deer, a rabbit, or another dog can cause your dog to take off.

I recommend that you consider a pet tracker, a GPS device that your dog wears on their collar that allows you to track their whereabouts from your desktop or smart phone.

I use the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker (formerly Tagg).  It’s easy to configure and use.  My family has been evaluating this device for several months and it really works.

Above photo: When Clover visits us from the Ramapo Bergen Animal Refuge Inc, Oakland, NJ, we attach the Whistle to her collar.

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker – the details

Web sitehttp://www.Whistle.com

Cost:  The tracking device costs $79 plus you will need the ongoing service plan (see below).

Hardware:  The device is battery powered and comes with a charger.  You simply attach the tracker to the dog’s collar.  It’s very lightweight.

User account:  After you purchase the device, visit http://www.Whistle.com and set up an account.

Service plan:  You will be asked to subscribe to a service plan that provides the location and tracking.  Subscription is monthly or annual, about $100/year.

Software: Once your account is established and you have signed up for the ongoing service plan, you can download and install the Whistle smart phone app.

Tracking and location: You can begin locating your dog on a map immediately.  The tracking capability draws lines on the map so that you can record the ongoing movement of the tracker.  You can locate and track your pet using the smart device app or from your PC.  From your PC, visit http://www.Whistle.com, log in, and you will be able to quickly locate your pet.

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