Family Technology provides a wide array of services for your family, business, and community.

Speciality Services

Learn more about investigating your Family Ancestry  and Moving to the Cloud.

PC, Mac and network troubleshooting

When your personal computer begins to slow or crashes, you need help.  If your Wi-Fi or printer stops working, a little help can go a long way.  Let us revew your hardware and software and let us make sure everything is working properly.

Information and Technology (IT) Coaching

When your technology is confusing and doesn’t work properly, it’s a good idea to get some expert advice.  We can help.  Fred Litt can help you evaluate your current needs, create a plan to move forward, and work with you to make sure your plan is perfectly implemented.  Individual tutoring sessions available to help you learn ow to use your Windows PC, Apple Mac, or iPad/iPhone.

Upgrade to Windows 8

Microsoft recently upgraded Windows to version 8 – and it sure is different.  Let us help you make the most of this new tablet/desktop operating system.

If your Dell or HP computers are over 6 years old, it’s time to replace them.  We can help you evaluate your needs, plan the upgrade, and install everything.  Let us help you make the most of your home and office technology.

Apple MacBook and iPhone support

Let us get you started ASAP.  We support iPads, iPhones, iPods, iMacs, MacBooks, Apple TV, and more.  Apple PCs and smart devices are exploding in popularity. They are truly incredible. We can help you setup and configure these products to help you maximize your enjoyment and personal productivity. Let us help you configure your email, organize your files, share music, and backup your important information.

Reduce Paper Flab

Save Money and Save the Planet.  We can teach you how to convert thousands of paper documents into tiny digital files – and store your new searchable digital library on a small key-chain drive. Learn more. We take care of everything Fred Litt, owner/manager of Family Technology Associates, is committed to making sure you are 100% pleased with our services.

We are specialists in maximizing your use of information

We can set-up your email account, your document folders, your iPad/iPhone/iPod, and your paperless office. Let us help you decide which technology best serves your needs, then help you buy it, install it, and teach you how to use it. Using your information and technology with others is called collaboration. We can help you share calendars, video conference, share data across the internet. Most importantly, we can teach you how to have fun. Learn to organize, edit and share your photos, publish videos to YouTube, and setup iTunes to manage all of the iPods in your family.


All services provided by appointment and always at your convenience. Contact Fred Litt 201 315-4943 to discuss our services.