Our Services

All technology consulting services are provided by Family Technology’s Owner/Manager, Fred Litt, a longtime technology professional serving Allendale and nearby communities since 1998.

Technology Coaching – Maximizing Your Productivity

Your technology needs upgrading.  Your skills are out of date.  You’re in a state of analysis paralysis.  Sometimes, you just need someone to talk to about your options.  Let me review the technology you are using and review your skills.  I will be your technology coach to help you develop a plan to move forward.

Setup, Troubleshooting, and Training

When your personal computer begins to slow or crashes, your productivity declines and you risk losing your documents and photos.  If your Wi-Fi or printer stops working, a little help can go a long way.  Let me revew your hardware and software and make sure everything is working properly.  If it’s time for a new PC, I can help you make the right selection, install everything, and teach you how to use your new technology.

Document Scanning and Organization

Save Money and Save the Planet.  We can teach you how to convert thousands of paper documents into tiny digital files – and store your new searchable digital library on a small key-chain drive. Learn more. We take care of everything Fred Litt, owner/manager of Family Technology Associates, is committed to making sure you are 100% pleased with our services.

Data Security, Backup, and Recovery

Your can’t find your a password.  Maybe you keep your on-line accounts and passwords on endless post-its stuck to your monitor.  We can help you organize your account information so you will never lose access to on-line information again.

Your data isn’t safe unless it’s backed up.  we can review your important documents, photos, etc, organize everything into logical folders, then make sure your data is backed up.

Your personal won’t start up.  Your are concerned that your document, photos, and music are lost.  In most cases, Windows has crashed and your files are OK, albeit stuck inside.  I can help you recover your files and safely move them to a new PC.

We provide examples of how we provide our services to address client needs.


All services provided by appointment and always at your convenience. Contact Fred Litt 201 315-4943 to discuss your needs.