Recording your doctor’s instructions

Many of my clients are medical practitioners – physicians, dentists, optometrists, et al.  I help them buy and install state of the art PCs and networking equipment – and then work with their staff to organize their digital medical records.  Very high tech – and very supportive of patient health.

Some doctors are high tech – and some are old-school.

Think about your recent doctor visits.  Some doctors hand-write your medical information,  hand you one or more paper prescriptions to give to your pharmacist, then store your record card in massive file-folder cabinets.

Doctors rarely provide hand written instructions.  They depend upon the the guidance provided by the manufacturer to provide instructions.

What if you’re a senior who has difficult reading instructions.  What if you’re a teen who is more focused on Facebook rather than listening to instructions and passing them along to Mom and Dad.

A doctor that takes advantage of technology will do the following:

  • Enter the details of your visit directly into a patient management database
  • Order your prescription at a local pharmacy before you leave the office
  • Make available an online

If you doctor is state of the art, they will enter the details of your visit directly into a PC running a patient management program.  They will contact your pharmacy to facilitate a prescription, and

At a recent doctor’s visit of my own, I noticed how certain medical methods were from the previous century.  I had an infection in my eye-lid.  Requiring several office visits, I was given numerous prescriptions, an over the counter eye lid wipe, and several instruction how to apply the drops and apply a hot wash cloth twice a day.

If I didn’t treat the infection properly, I was in danger of having to visit an emergency room for

Creating an on-line search engine

Google’s Custom Search Engine

Let’s assume you have hundreds or thousands of documents you want to share with the public.  Maybe you are a municipality that want to make your public documents truly public.  Most small organizations would create a web site and then create web pages with fixed lists of documents.  This is functional for a limted set of documents, but it is really an old school method of providing information.  Today, we search.  Search engines, like Google, have revolutionized the way we locate desired information.

If you maintain your documents on a publicly hosted web site, Google provides a free product that will allow you to create a custom search engine.  It can be found at

I have located the web site folders that the Borough of Allendale uses to contain some of their public documents.  Please note: Everything I am accessing or discussing here is completely within the public domain.

The following are examples of how custom search engines can be developed that allow the user to search public document folders:

Borough of Allendale: Council Minutes, Borough Newsletters, and Municipal Forms

Borough of Allendale: Planning Board and Board of Adjustment

Borough of Allendale: Board of Health

Borough of Allendale: M&C Ordinances and Resolutions

Borough of Allendale: EVERYTHING

Visit the above search pages. Enter a search request the same as you would when using Google Search.  It does not provide the all of the state of the art search features found in GOogle Search but it’s still pretty amazing.

The free version of this product contains ads.  This is why it’s free.  If you are willing to pay a small fee, Google will provide a version without ads.  If you can prove you are a non-profit, they will provide an add-free version for free.

Please keep in mind that to make the availability of your documents truly efficient, an experienced information professional is required to properly set up your document folders and file names and thoughtfully prepare your files for searching.

If you have any questions here, please feel free to contact me. WordPress Search

Experimental Allendale Search

Complete Code of the Borough of Allendale (PDF)


Allendale’s Mid Life Crisis performs at 1998 Octoberfest

Every October, the Allendale Chamber of Commerce produces Octoberfest, a fun filled street fair.  Local merchants and volunteer groups promote their products and services.  In 1998, a local band, Mid Life Crisis, provided some rockin’ entertainment.

I was there will my video camera.  Click on the link below to view Mid Life Crisis’ cover of Pink Cadillac.    The band members include:

  • Mike Carey-keyboard
  • Bruce Firkins-sax
  • George Piltz- trumpet
  • Mark Weidner-sax
  • Bill Jaremko-drums
  • Jim Onesios-bass
  • Dan Manning-guitar
  • Gene Getto-guitar

Mid Life Crisis 1998 1 Mid Life Crisis 1998 2

Technology:  Converted 8mm video tape to digital audio/video mp4 file.  Saved file to Dropbox and used Copy Dropbox Link  feature to provide above link.