Phone Scams from Internal Revenue ServiceS

This article includes actual voice messages left on my answering machine by scammers implying an IRS or Treasury Department complaint has been filed against me.  If you listen carefully, one caller states he is from the Internal Revenue ServiceS, not our US governmental agency, the Internal Revenue Service.  Being curious, I returned one of these calls and spoke with a representative.  If you receive a similar call, just HANG UP THE PHONE. 

Despite everyone in my home having an iPhone, we still have a traditional land-line connected via Optimum.  The phone number associated with this land-line is available publicly – which means we receive a never ending stream of marketing, non-profit, and political solicitations (despite adding our number to the NO CALL list).

In addition to these unwanted calls, we also received a regular stream of SCAM calls.  Typically, the caller states that the Internal Revenue ServiceS  (yes, ServiceS) has filed a complaint against someone in my household – and I need to speak with their representative to resolve this issue.

For entertainment purposes, I offer a few of these SCAM voice messages:

Being curious, I returned one of these calls to speak with the Internal Revenue ServiceS:

What can you do?

Not much.  I have spoken to my local law enforcement officials about this.  Sadly, unless a crime is committed, there is nothing for them to do.

If you have older family members that receive relentless phone solicitations, discuss this issue with them.

What technology did I use to record and share these voice messages? 

The above recordings are voice messages left on my Panasonic answering machine.  To share these messages here, I placed my answering machine on SPEAKER, played the message while using the Voice Memos app on my iPhone to record the message.  I then saved the recording to my Dropbox account and created the above links.

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