iPhone, New Orleans, and All That Jazz

This article brings together the power of your iPhone, Dropbox, and a lot of celebrating in New Orleans.

Last week, my daughter Amy and I attended a family wedding in New Orleans.   In addition to the partying and celebration, there was a lot of digital recording with my iPhone.  Recording events like this becomes more enjoyable when you can share them – and Dropbox makes this really easy.

Do you like real New Orleans jazz?  Listen here!

The audio and video below were recorded using my iPhone and shared here using Dropbox.

Dropbox allows you to share a single fileClick here to listen to one of the songs I recorded that will make you smile.

Dropbox also allows you to share a folder with endless files: Dropbox link to a folder containing audio recordings from the wedding.

The above recordings were taken in Preservation Hall, a small playhouse in New Orleans’ French Quarter.  The musicians were terrific.  I was seated about 25 feet away.  The room was filled with people standing, sitting, and applauding loudly.  These songs will put a big smile on your face.

Below, I list the tools I used to capture and edit my recordings – and bring them to you in this article.

  • iPhone 5S
    1. Built-in camera and microphone – capture photos. videos, and audio
    2. Voice Memos – built in iOS app to record audio and save in m4a format.
  • Dropbox – copy files from iPhone to my PC
    1. Dropbox Links – provide online access to my files and folders
  • Camtasia – edit audio
    1. Convert audio files from m4a to mp3 format

This New Orleans wedding was like nothing I have ever experienced.  Instead of a traditional religious ceremony followed by a hotel or backyard reception, this event was several days of intense partying, jazz concerts, eating, drinking, and, oh yes, a blissful wedding ceremony – following by dancing in the streets, and then more partying.

Congrats.  You’re married.  Start the parade.

Second line is a tradition in brass band parades in New Orleans, Louisiana. The “main line” or … for any event which people think merits hiring a parading band for such a style of celebration, including weddings and opening of businesses.

Want to see a real party?  You’ve got to see this!  This is a Second line wedding.  I recorded these videos with my iPhone:

What does this have to do with my iPhone?  Well, my iPhone captured the sights and sounds of my visit.  While most of us use an iPhone to capture photos and videos, the iPhone has a terrific built in microphone that provides excellent audio recording.  My iPhone has an easy to use built-in app, Voice Memos, that recorded the above performed by a local jazz band at Preservation Hall.

Dropbox is a cloud based file storage service.  But, it’s a lot more.  Dropbox provides a feature that allows you to share the files and folders you store within your Dropbox account.  The links included above are provided by Dropbox using their Copy or Share Dropbox Link feature.

The audio files are stored using Apple’s m4a audio file format.  While most devices will play this file format, I used Camtasia to convert my audio files to the more common mp3 format.  Camtasia was somewhat overkill for this task, but it was available and did the trick.  Other, simpler software products are available for this task.

In addition to accessing these files, you can also download them.  Wow!

I specialize in helping you make the most of your personal technology.  If you want to learn how to capture your next family event and share them, please feel free to contact me.