The NEW Fight Club – Buying a new PC

Families, friends and business partners have enough to fight about – money, love, and who scr*wed up about some forgettable issue.  Well, you can now add technology to this unfortunate list.  The discussions to buy a new PC, printer, or smart phone regularly test even the strongest relationship.

Over the last twenty yeararguings, I have been hired by local municipalities, school superintendents, small businesses, and families of all ages – and have watched analysis paralysis and IN-decision result in screaming, crying, and damaged relationships.  Yes, it’s weird to be part of someone else’s meltdown.

While $hundreds, even $thousands, can be spent on clothing, furniture, or a vacation, the thought of spending a few $hundred on a new PC or printer can paralyze family members and send business partners into civil war.  Your local elected officials – Mayors, Councilmembers, Board of Ed members – are often the worst at making IT decisions.  I know this as I have been a member of or have provided IT support for all of these organizations.

Here are a few recent client experiences:

  • Six year old printer dies.  Husband and wife argue heatedly over the purchase of a $150 replacement.  Wife wants new printer.  Husband insists his office IT guy can fix broken printer.  He takes child’s homework to his office each day to print.  This has been going on for six months.
  • Local government won’t digitize and organize paper documents.  Shrinking administrative staff often spend hours, instead of minutes, locating documents to satisfy OPRA requests.
  • Siblings own and manage several local bars.  Point of Sale system is outdated and not backed up.  Brothers complain about each other’s inefficiency and the other should make changes.  Little gets accomplished here.

Weanalysis paralysis go-betweenll, if you need a decision, but can’t get everyone to agree on the shape of the table, I can help.  As an objective and knowledgeable observer, I can help define  needs, offer recommendations, and implement solutions.

Having a third party involved can often smooth out any heated discussions on these typically simple issues.  Let me help.  I am happy to take the heat.