Client Solutions

Find below examples of solutions I have developed for my clients:

Technology Coaching

  • Client didn’t trust cloud based storage – had 6 external drives to store client data, multiple laptops and iPhones.  Information overload along with analysis paralysis. Client advised me he couldn’t sleep at night he was so worried about losing data.  Couldn’t find needed files.  Had multiple email addresses with various contact lists.  Convinced client to move to Dropbox, narrow emails to one, and consolidated contact lists.  Trained client to use Gmail for email, contacts, and calendar.  Discussed the risk/reward of moving client’s data to cloud storage.  Consolidated client data to one Dropbox account, reduced client to two emails, consolidated contact lists.  Trained client to use Gmail calendar on iPhone.  Client sleeps better now.

Setup, Troubleshooting

  • HP All In One LaserJet won’t scan.  Client’s equipment is in CT.   As remote assistance is often required, GoToMyPC is installed in client’s laptop.  Using GoToMyPC I connected to laptop from my Allendale office.  With client on phone, I walked client through troubleshooting steps.  Removed all cables, turned off all equipment, then turned everything ON, reconnected printer.  Scanner now worked.

Data Recovery

Most data recovery projects initiate from personal computers running Windows 7, over 6 years old.

  • Client has 8 year old HP Windows 7 desktop.  Coated in dust.  USB ports don’t work reliably.  Mouse and keyboard won’t work reliably. Recommended new desktop. Purchased new Dell desktop, arrived in 2 days.  Setup new desktop, installed Microsoft Office, Norton Security, and installed separate HP AIO and Epson scanner.  Copied from old PC to external Seagate drive.  Loaded data into new desktop.  Reorganized files into folder.  Setup Norton backup to backup to Norton cloud.
  • Client has 8+ year old Windows 7 laptop.  Laptop powers up but Windows won’t start.  Client has another laptop.  Copied data from inoperable laptop to Seagate USB mini drive.  Then copied data to new laptop.

Document Scanning and Organizing

Many industries require storing paper records for 7 years.  Where digital copies can be stored in place of paper copies, I train clients to scan documents, use thoughtful folder and file names, process documents using Optical Character Recognition, then store documents in Dropbox for maximum safety and access.

Voice Recognition

The demographic of technology users continues to grow older and to those with accessibility/mobility challenges.   As devices get smaller, typing can be a problem.  Until recently, I was not comfortable recommending most popular speech to text solutions, including Dragon Naturally Speaking by Nuance.  Dragon is the most powerful desktop vocie recognition product.  However, it is expensive – and will take some effort to learn and to train.

Given their focus towards information streaming and voice commands, Apple, Google, and Microsoft have made major strides in this field.  For Windows users, I have developed solutions that will allow users to dictate emails (Gmail) and write letters (Word).