Borough On The Record

Borough On The Record is a product of Family Technology Associates, LLC.  It was created in 2016 by Fred Litt.

Fred writes …

The Mission

  • Borough On The Record will gather, digitally preserve, and share Allendale’s public records and historic treasures.
  • All of our content shall be FREE, easy to access, and without government regulation.
  • We will be advocates for transparent  government and ready access to government records.
  • Partnerships will be developed with government and community organizations to facilitate the sharing of information.

The Story

I began developing Borough On The Record in 2016.  This project brings together some of my personal interests – family ancestry, digital document science, and advocacy for open and efficient government.  It is my goal to make local information, past and present, FREE of charge, easy to access, and without government regulation.

Most small municipalities don’t have the resources to make government records easily available to the public.  Too often, historic documents are stored in damp basements, where they are either forgotten or discarded.  Tedious OPRA (Open Public Records Act) requests are required for most municipal documents.  Large requests for government information often result in delays, fees, and occasionally, the wrath of the municipal administration.  And so, despite living in a small town, despite living in a world of smart phones and real-time news, the hassles to access local information remain high.

As a longtime technology professional and former Member of the Allendale Borough Council, I thought I could develop a better way of gathering, organizing, and sharing local documents – by creating an on-line digital document library.  The objective of Borough On The Record is to demonstrate how government records and local history can live together – and can be made readily available without the hassle.

Borough On The Record is a living system – it continues to grow and change.  In supporting this project, I am constantly looking for two things – more content and your feedback.  I hope you will offer both.